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History of ict@innovation Programme Activities

ict@innovation has come a long way since the start of the programme:

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FOSS Business

ict@innovation has trained over 110 trainers in the area of Free and Open Source Software Business Models for Africa. Over 25 national training courses have been held across Southern and Eastern Africa and many more are scheduled to take place.

The ict@innovation training materials have been downloaded over 3000 times and viewed over 7000 times. Over 1000 hard copies have been printed and distributed in Africa.

FOSS Certification

ict@innovation's training-of-trainers courses on Linux System Administration enabled more than 69 trainers to offer LPIC-1 trainings and exams all over Southern and East Africa.  Also the comprehensive open training handbook for free download on LPI Level 1 Certification was published. Follow-up  national courses on Linux system administration are now offered in more than 10 countries.

Networking and Community Building

The ict@innovation portal has become a central internet platform for FOSS in Africa. Over 1200 persons and organisations have registered profiles on the site. Also, regional networking and peer-to-peer learning has been at the centre of ict@innovations involvement with FOSSFAs biannual pan-African "Idlelo" conferences, such at Idlelo 5 in Abuja in March 2012, Idlelo 4 in Accra in May 2010 and Idlelo 3 in Dakar in 2008. You can browse through some blog entries on Idlelo here of have a look at the official conference reports.

Do you want to know more about the outcomes and specific actions of the programme?

Check the  overview on achievements and the timeline.

What's happening now?

For current information and updates on programme activities see our general blog and the news pages on Free your IT Business in Africa  and Linux Admin Certification