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Celebrating Software Freedom Day 2009 by Promoting International Networking

This year, to celebrate SFD, InWEnt hosted a virtual event to connect its programme partners in Asia and Africa working to promote FOSS.

InWEnt supports different organisations around the world to promote the use of FOSS for business. Their aim is to encourage the growth of local IT industries by building capacities in particular within small and medium enterprises to develop FOSS business models and applications. In Asia, the programme it@foss has been implemented together with the international organisation IOSN. After three years, a number of results have been achieved, including training of trainers, spreading of FOSS certification and matching of Asian with European enterprises. ict@innovation has many similar activities. Therefore, the exchange of experiences between FOSSFA and IOSN representatives is valuable to the programme and its goals.

The partners at IOSN were introduced to FOSSFA in a chat held on the 7th of September in the spirit of SFD. Here, Nnenna Nwakanma (Council Chair of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, FOSSFA) in Accra, Ghana and Dr. Francisco Sarmiento III (IOSN – International Open Source Network, IOSN) from Manila, Philippines were connected with InWEnt-representatives in Bonn and South Africa. One outcome of the three hour chat was the decision on the attendance of a FOSSFA representative at the ASIA SOURCE 3, a conference organised within the framework of the InWEnt supported Asian programme it@foss. The FOSSFA representative will present the activities of the pan African association, including the InWEnt supported programme ict@innovation. In addition, FOSSFA will be made acquainted with the organisation of ASIA SOURCE3 so they can replicate the format at their bi-annual conference „Idlelo“. The next Idlelo is scheduled to take place 2010 in Ghana. Here, an IOSN representative will be invited to partake and present the Asian experiences with free and open source software.

Download the press release about this SFD chat

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