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ict@innovation's first regional training of trainers course on Linux system administration has taken off in Nairobi. The training which started on Monday, 1st November, brings together about 20 participants from across the East African region, that is Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The training is conducted by the South African Open Source company, Jumping Bean, in a boot camp style which means that all the participants will take the Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC-1) exams at the end of the training. The training workshop which is being hosted by the Strathmore University is the first of a number of scheduled Training of Trainers that will take place across Eastern and Southern Africa. It is also the first step towards a long term strategy to offer affordable training and certification for Linux system administrators in Africa. The exams that the participants will sit are highly discounted by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and they will be paper based. The workshop and the exam labs were also given a lot of PR coverage by the LPI who put details about them prominently on their website: The participants taking part in this particular workshop have a good background in system administration, with an average system administration experience of about 3 years. and we believe that they will provide a worthy investment for the ict@innovation programme and the FOSS community in Africa in general. We therefore have great expectations that these individuals will create a good multiplier effect once they go back to their institutions by integrating Linux system administration or LPI training courses in their regular training offerings. Majority of the participants are coming from Universities in the region and other training institutions. The workshop is also taking place in the backdrop of a two week e-learning phase that was conducted using the e-learning platform at the ict@innovation portal. This being the first LPI Training of Trainers course, we have learned quite a lot (and we continue learning). Our plans are to roll out at least 3 more Training of Trainers courses in the coming year. This will create a solid base of Linux system administration trainers who will in turn roll out trainings in their own regions and institutions. (Information on the application procedures for the upcoming trainings can be found here: ( ) One of the most interesting thing about this training is the amount of interest that was generated by the calls that we issued inviting people to apply for the training. It goes to show that there is a lot of interest in Linux system administration skills. We hope that we can build on this interest as we support our trainers to roll out their national trainings. We had interest coming from as far afield as Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. Inasmuch as the programme is not covering these regions currently, there are plans to roll out similar trainings in selected countries in West Africa in the coming years. I take this opportunity to wish all the participants well and the best of luck in the forthcoming LPI examinations.

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