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FOSS Business Planning Workshop Day 2: Further Stakeholders to involve

== Strategic partners == FOSSFA, UWC, UNU Merit, it@ab, Meraka Institute, ... == Training Partners (Participants) == * include business schools! * several participants expressed interest in being a training partner == Other Stakeholders to involve == e.g. also in the next planning workshop * important to involve governments (agreed on by many in the group), even though "the" government may be bought by MS, there are always people, like in the opposition, individual ministers - that are pro-FOSS * it's a matter of selling it to them as "their" idea, to achieve that some person in the government is really behind FOSS * so important to involve government side from the beginning, as otherwise they can put barriers in the way, and the other way they can be of help * and don't start at too low levels when it comes to government > rather legislative people, ministers etc. * involve also government as potential FOSS-client, e.g. from government ICT Board * IT Sector * IT Businesses * IT Association or General Business Association ie. Rotary or Lions Club * SYNAQ and LinuxHoldings, IntoWeb, Metrics, * National FOSS Forums be established to bring different stakeholders together and to better respond to specific local conditions * Although some of the entires might be out of date, try [ GOSSIP] - [ organisations]. * business assocations that represent IT clients, e.g. from agriculture or retail sectors * NGOs ** LinuxChix ** WomensNet ** Ungana Afrika * Donors (e.g. in Addis there are 600 donor organizations present) - influential + potential clients * [ Canonical] * [ The Shuttleworth Foundation] * Linux User Groups == Specific Stakeholders in Countries == Kenya: Strathmore University (they combine both business + FOSS, would be an ideal partner; they should be asked to host the next workshop, as they also have the facilities) + LPA + Skunkworks + Openworld Note: Strathmore University has already agreed to host the next workshop. South Africa: Several companies that do both FOSS and training, like [ U. Pretoria], [ UWC], [ Business Connexion], [ Tshwane University of Technology], [ Gijima], [ Choice Technologies], [ IBM], [ ImpiLinux], [ Novell], [ Obsidian Systems], [ Sourcecom], [ SITA], [ Tangent]. Tanzania: TAFOSSA, several universities Uganda: Uganda Martyrs U., Uganda Christian U., Makerere, Mkuru (?) U. Malawi: University of Malawi - The Polytechnic, National College of Information Technology, BUMAS International, Malawi Institute of Management, Mzuzu University

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