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Idlelo5 ends in Abuja, Welcome to Nairobi for Idlelo6

We have just got back home after attending Idlelo5 in Abuja, Nigeria. The theme of the conference which was hosted by the Open Source Foundation of Nigeria (OSFON) in partnership with FOSSFA was ¨Open Source Solutions for Achieving the Millenium Development Goals¨.

Idlelo is a conference held every two years by FOSSFA. Ict@innovation has been participating on a regular basis since Idlelo3 in Senegal four years ago. It is a great place where the African FOSS Community meets to network, exchange experiences and grow as a community, while charting new strategies for the future. This Idlelo was particularly interesting as we had several engagements within the ict@innovation programme. We managed to sponsor a group of about 20 people which included FOSSFA officials and ict@innovation trainers. This was under Pillar D - Networking and International exchange.

We managed to hold an ict@innovation steering committee meeting to chart the way forward for the programme. It will be remembered that the GIZ funding for ict@innovation is coming to an end at the end of this year. In this regard, we also held a workshop with the ict@innovation community where we discussed the sustainability of the community after the end of this year. Several people volunteered to take up tasks within the community so as to ensure that everything continues without interruption when the funding dries up. This information will be shared shortly by the Community Empowerment Manager at FOSSFA.

We also held an LPI training workshop in partnership with LPI Nigeria. The FOSS Business trainers also held a training workshop which was well attended. In all these trainings, a lot of training material was also distributed to participants.

Some of the highlights of the conference was an address by the Nigerian Minister for Communication Technology, Eng. Mrs. Omobola Johnson. With the next Idlelo being held in Kenya in 2014, I take this opportunity to welcome you all back to East Africa for Idlelo6.

Please look out for my next blog about Open Source technology as a tool for poverty reduction and achievement of MDGs.

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