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Juba. The world’s first Open Source City? Event on Thursday 21. June

On Thursday, 21. June, some open source initiatives will host an event in Berlin that aims to talk about "South Sudan and Open Source Culture" ... This might be of interest to some members of the ict@innovation community: You may then check the website, which also says, that the event will be livestreamed. Some more infos on the event coming from the organizers below:

"Challenging and Identifying Open Source Approaches

In collaboration with its partners mict, SUPERMARKT Berlin and KOW r0g-media hosts an introductory look at the challenges faced by South Sudan, and discuss how the mechanisms of the global Open Source and free culture movements can be used as an effective engines for a new form of global development practice. The event will critically examine the robustness and feasibility of Open Source methodologies. By bringing together leading developers, artists and policy makers #OSJUBA will identify and present innovative Open Source projects, platforms and methodologies that are being used to define new forms of practice, particularly in regions challenged by post-conflict reconstruction, lack of infrastructure, and poverty barring access to basic needs. Exemplary projects that are being implemented to strengthen and develop self-determination, global citizenship and freedom of expression will be mapped by identifying stakeholders and best practice examples. With the aim of creating a vocabulary and tool kit of Open Source Culture for Development #OSJUBA hopes to encourage a new discourse for development and post-conflict resolution. For more, see

P.S.: For any follow-up questions, please refer directly to the people listed as contact points on the website, as I do not have more info on details and background myself.


Update: I just got the info on the livestreaming

as follows:

The streaming will be available for the talks on Friday 10.00 - 13.00 and again at 16.30 - 18.00, and can be accessed via the following sites:

as well as via the facebook #OSJUBA event page:

the stream itself will be embedded sometime during the day today

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