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LPIC National Training in Kampala - Uganda

Greetings to the Certification Community - from Kampala, Uganda.

Africa is famous for its wildlife, and for a typical African child, its not rare when that wildlife extends as close to home as possible. So when i was growing up, it was not uncommon for my dear mother to wake us to the rare and scary sight of a snake skin-shedding session. The kind of sight that sends chills down your spine.

As a child, i kept wondering, why do these slithery serpents have to shed skin? Was it painful? Was it challenging? Alas, for an animal without limbs, how was it even possible?

The FOSS Community in Uganda just shed some skin. With the wrapping of a big brother FOSS organisation, has resulted the birth of a new one. One with a greater goal and a wider mission - to transform the FOSS landscape in Uganda. Please join us to welcome: The Uganda Center for Open Source Software -

As more details about what we do emerge, our first proof of concept - was to do what we know best - what the Ugandan FOSS community knows us for - Linux Training. And what better way to partner with Mr. Evans Ikua (also EA Master Affiliate for LPI) to arrange, deliver and offer the first LPIC National training in Uganda - under the ict-innovation FOSS Certification Pillar.

For a new born child, this feels like we hit the ground running - commanding a respectable 3 (August Intake) and at-least 5 (confirmed for the December Intake) LPIC Students. Moreover a local Systems Administration Class (now tailored to aim for LPI Certification) is also running.

This August, the first LPI Class in Uganda - possibly for over 8 years - will sit to write their LPIC 101 and 102. Our promise, we will make LPIC routine in Kampala - with a quarterly schedule!

The Challenges remain - like for any business - relevance to community, business and financial viability, as well as believing the call - to spread FOSS in Uganda - but so is our resolve and our determination.

Now that the skin is shed, the snake is more rejuvenated. It will move on to greater things, and it will move faster.

For FOSS in Uganda, there is renewed hope - its the Uganda Center for Open Source Software.


You rock man! I have total faith in your ability to pass that exam. Once you pass you will have to give me the low down on the exam. I have eye baelld that one, but for me, I don't touch Linux on a daily basis and I think I would struggle with some of the more simple commands. You on the other hand are an all day Linux guy and this is going to be cake.As someone who has taken a metric butt load of exams, keep taking the practice exams over and over until they become like second nature to you. The ones you got wrong don't just see what the right answer was, investigate to find out why it is the right answer. At least for me, the actual exam is a bit nerve racking. More than anything I hate to fail at anything and I don't want people to know I failed a test. I think I have passed 16 exams so far, but I remember the one I failed over all the ones I passed!

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