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New monthly Country Feature on the ict@innovation portal – Share your FOSS stories with the community!

In order to continue to make the ict@innovation platform an interesting and enriching experience for our you, the ict@innovation community, the ict@innovation-team is planning to introduce a new feature section. Every month, we will feature FOSS-organisations, projects and news from one of our 10 partner countries. This new website section will give us and you the chance to share your FOSS experiences more prominently. For the next ten months, we will dedicate one month per country to highlight national FOSS projects and initiatives, academic institutes, and interesting individuals. If you feel like you could contribute with your FOSS story, please feel invited to share your ideas and experiences. The format of this contribution is open and we welcome any story that might want to share with the rest of the community. You can send fotos, videos (or links to them) an article telling your FOSS-story or a link to your webiste or project. Also, you may want to update your ict@innovation profile to make sure everyone has an up-to date picture on your area of interest and engagement. In view of the globally most important new item – the start of the world cup, we will launch our series by featuring South Africa in mid. Next up will be Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Watch out for the announcement of the next countries in fall!

Looking forward to your contribution!

 The ict@innovation programme management team 

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