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School in Mozambique goes Linux

I recently got good news from Mozambique, where Celso Timana from CENFOSS is building up Linux capacity from the ground. In cooperation with the German NGO “Linux4Africa”, he just opened a classroom with 23 Computers running Edubuntu and a X2GO Server at Maputos Malhazine Secondary School in Maputo. CENFOSS is one of the case studies of ict@innovation’s Training Material  “Free your IT-Business in Africa!”: To learn more about how CENFOSS is driving FOSS and FOSS service business in Mozambique, see the case study. Congratulations for the work to the entire team. More on the Linux computers at Malhazine Secondary School is online here.


Thanks Balthas, for sharing this information with FOSSFA members/partners. Linux4Afrika ( it's just a phenomenal project initiated by FreiOSS.Net ( They are doing a titanic work, and most important: it's a non profit organization. CENFOSS it's just a pivot on this project. The whole process of unloading the container, prepare the training for the trainers at school it's not easy. But if we want to see Free and Open Source Software spreading around in Africa we must not give up, with all the obstacles/barriers that we might face it. For my side, I'd like to say once again, thanks to Linux4Afrika, Hans-Peter Merkel, InWent/GIZ, Balthas, Petra and Christiane Webber.

Thanks Celso!

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