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Trainer of Trainers Course Kicks off in Senegal

The first french FOSS Business models ToT kicked off today 3rd Sept. 2012 in Dakar Senegal. This training has been named ¨Entreprendre avec les Logiciels Libre en Afrique¨ (EllA).The training brings together enthusiastic participants comprising of professors and entrepreneurs from various francophone African countries. There are participants from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d´Ivoire, Mali,Niger,Senegal and Togo. This particular training has 7 women participants out of the total 26 who turned up on Day 1. The largest number in a ToT in the ict@innovation programme.
The training was officially opened by the Principal Technical Advisor PACC-PME/PMF of GIZ in Senegal, Susanne Geipert and the Technical Advisor of the PACC-PME/PMF, Oumou DIOP programme organised by GIZ.

Trainers of this course are Omar CISSE, Olivier KOUAMI, Fode CAMARA, Stefano AMEKOUDI and Yann Lebeux.


Félicitations de Bonn. Balthas.

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