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Very excited to be part of the team launching the first National Training of FOSS Business models in Tanzania

On the 2nd August 2010, the 1st FOSS Business National Training will kick off at the National Institute of Transport.

Congratulations to Mr Edgar Telesphory for such achievement beside all mishaps during the preparations.

University Computing Centre Ltd is happy to be included in this remarkable event and will be sending three resources to participate as co-trainers.

We will keep you posted.


I am the participant and real enjoying the workshop.Hope next workshop if it happen to be conducted again to see more ladies as I am alone here apart from 16 .What is happening to we ladies?real we need to change and start be in a position to train other women in Africa.FOSS is the best solution to this new generation.Let as join together and pray for betterment. AFBM - Tanzania -Participant (still learning -to become a FOSS preacher )

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