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Who is George? George and ICT@Innovation

I was born in the year 1976 on the 21st of October, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I was raised in the loving hands of Nicholas and Set more Nyambuya. I am the first and elderest in a family of six (6) boys and two (2) girls. I did my basic primary education at Ntabeni Primary School in Entumbane, Bulawayo between the years 1983-1989 where I obtained a primary level certificate.

I later proceed to Marist Brothers College in Dete for my secondary education, where I did my ''O'' Levels (1993). Having obtained my good passes at ''O'' level, I was seconded by Brother Claude to go and study at Kutama Mission. I then proceed to Kutama, studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I obtained three (3) good ''A'' Level passes and proceed to undertake studies in Applied Sciences (Chemistry) at the National University of Science & Technology (NUST), Bulawayo.

The year 2000 saw me briefly working for a small manufacturing company, Lancaster Industrials, as a Chief Quality Assurance Chemist. I then applied for a programme-SADC Quality Management. The year 2003 saw me leaving for Germany to undertake what would then be a life changing experience, a total 360 degree turn around to my professional and social life. It was in 2004 when the Germany experience came to an end.

Upon came back to Africa i did not proceed back to Zimbabwe but decided to join and settle with my long time fiancée, Samantha Sikhosana, in South Africa. We got married a year later. It was in 2005 when I joined a company called AdleRac Electronics as Quality Assurance Manager. I worked briefly with AdleRac till mid 2006. I then joined Poynting Antennas as Quality Assurance Manager in August 2006.

I joined ICT@Innovation in August 2008 as Coordinator for the African region.I am happy to be associated with such a project. It is a project that is focused on developing and improving the ICT sector in Africa through the use and application of Free & Open Source Software. I am married to Samantha and are blessed with a baby girl, Nicole Panashe (3) and Daniel Takunda Nyambuya (1). I enjoy social networking, reading and currently looking at taking up cooking as a hobby


I am a freelance writer specialized in Free SW and education issues, please see or to know more. I would like to ask you some questions about FOSS in Africa, for some articles I am preparing. Please contact me privately via email, thanks.
Best Regards,
M. Fioretti

Hi Goerge,

I am a student of Information Technology. You have beautifully described your biography. I liked the way you have written this. You are doing the great work man. I would like to wish you best of luck for your future here in ICT@Innovation. Carry on the great work.

Many thanks for your feedback.I do hope you do register on our project website and keep track of our activties.

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Have a great day

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