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Featuring our community members: Joe Murithi Njeru

Joe Murithi Njeru is a true social entrepreneur and FOSS evangelist. Joe is director of J.S. Engine Ltd. - a technology solution provider based in Nairobi, Kenya. J.S. Engine Ltd. Develops platforms, software and web applications using Open Source tools and are certified MySQL Partners. Joe started the company with my partners in 2004 straight after attaining my Bsc. Computer Science degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Juja.

“The uptake of FOSS by the market is improving every day” An Interview with Evans Ikua

Evans Ikua has been actively promoting the use of FOSS and FOSS certification in Africa. As ict@innovation's certification manager, but also as a member of  the Linux Professional Association (LPA), an organisation promoting professionalism and acceptance of FOSS, and CEO of LANet Consulting, a company that trains entrepreneurs in the use of FOSS, Evans has actively advanced the use of FOSS and FOSS certification in Kenya for a number of years.

New Edition: ict@innovation Newsletter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Partners and Friends,

here is our latest ict@innovation Newsletter, covering the third quarter of 2010 from August till the end of October 2010.

Launch of a new FOSS e-Learning Plattform at Bugema University

On its graduation day, 31st October,2010,  Bugema University will launch a cost-effective Open Source e-learning platform. You can also reas more about the project on local news reports:

New Blog on FOSS Success Stories Launched!

Inspired by the exchange of experiences at this years Idlelo 4, Joseph Neusu has launched a new blog to tell and share FOSS stories, research and other information on FOSS. Check out and the first article on Idlelo 4.

Watch the new ict@innovation video: FOSS Stories told at Idlelo

More and more success stories of people making a business with FOSS in Africa are emerging. We have put together a little video of the FOSS stories captured by ict@innovation at this years Fourth African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons, Idelo 4.

Celebrating Software Freedom Day 2010 - Sharing FOSS Stories

Software Freedom Day is a yearly celebration for Software Freedom! Every year there are thousands teams organizing Software Freedom Day in different countries and cities.This year, you can check the interactive map on the SFD-website to see if there's a team in your country.

New monthly Country Feature on the ict@innovation portal – Share your FOSS stories with the community!

In order to continue to make the ict@innovation platform an interesting and enriching experience for our you, the ict@innovation community, the ict@innovation-team is planning to introduce a new feature section. Every month, we will feature FOSS-organisations, projects and news from one of our 10 partner countries. This new website section will give us and you the chance to share your FOSS experiences more prominently.

Press Release: ict@innovation Training Handbook released: "Free your IT-Business in Africa!"

To publicise the launch of the new ict@innovation Training Handbook "Free your IT-Business in Africa!" we have written this press release and are currently spreadind the news that the materials can be downloaded for free here on the website on different mailinglists and relevant repositories. We want to make sure everyone interested in the materials knows about them so please feel free to help us spread the word and pass on this press release and most importantly the link to the materials!

Training book on FOSS business models launched at Idlelo 4

Medaase to everyone who has put there thought and energy into the training materials!The Idlelo Gala Dinner last night was the perfect location to launch the training handbook: “ict@innovation : Free your IT Business in Africa! ” in a befittingly festive atmosphere. The training guide compiles all the advanced training materials on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) business models for small and medium enterprisers in the IT-industry.


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