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Software Freedom Day Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Rocked....!

It was great ,unforgetable day in the history of Free and Open Source Software in Tanzania, as we celebrated Software freedom Day 2012. With  VIPs  around, Participants from the media, academics, business world, lawyers, software developoers, hackers present in the venue…! some from outside the
country , Germany, Canada, Finland, Kenya, what a re-union? i met my
former schoolmate who came all the way from Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar,
Iringa and Mbeya to participate in the event…! its a great day…!

Zalongwa To Sponsor Dar 2012 SFD

FOSSFA TZ members and FOSS well-wishers in Tanzania are looking forward to have a grand event in this year Software Freedom Day, which will be composed of contests, paper presentations, FOSS related cultural event, various FOSS training and what else ? Goodies during Networking session to all participants.

The first sponsor, Zalongwa is a FOSS business entity which is doing well in Tanzania and abroad, will offer a number of FOSS related trainings. However, some more groups, individuals are still invited to show-case their FOSS products, demos, training.

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