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ict@innovation: Training of Trainers: Topics

Overview of African FOSS Business Models Training Contents

The ict@innovation Advanced African FOSS Business course is modular, hands on, and based on real-life FOSS business problems, issues and scenarios in African IT-SME. You as participants will be able to engage in practical exercises such as designing a business plan for a sample project and designing, revising and localizing training materials. Integral part of the course are also practice based economic know-how, communication skills, social competence, team ability, networked thinking and creativity. The following  objectives and thematic areas will be covered in the training

Learning Objectives:

  • How to build a business using FOSS

  • How to develop a business plan or business proposal

  • How to organise and hold trainings on FOSS Business Models for local SME

  • How to market your FOSS Business Model

Topic 1: Introduction to FOSS:

  • FOSS General FOSS concepts

  • Global outlook to FOSS business

  • Evolution of FOSS projects, communities, and markets

  • FOSS Business in developing (and BRIC) countries

Topic2 : Case Studies of Africa FOSS Business Models

Introducing working FOSS Business Models for SME, adapted to the African context.

  • The Case Studies will include:

  • Local market analysis

  • How a market for FOSS services is created

  • Local, legal and economic contexts for FOSS, Open Standards

  • Financial sustainability model

  • FOSS licensing models and link to models

Topic 3: Knowledge and Skills for FOSS Entrepreneurs

  • FOSS PR and advocacy strategies

  • Creating a FOSS market and brand in Africa,Attracting clients

  • Specific marketing and client relations

  • Organizing business networks

  • Community building and networking

  • Understanding Open Source Strategies and FOSS based innovation

Topic 4: General Business Skills:

  • How to organise financing for ICT/FOSS-SME & Support through incubation services

  • Improvement of soft skills of particular relevance to a FOSS business, such as: critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and initiative

  • Writing a business plan, proposals and designing contracts

Topic 5: FOSS Training as a Business:

  • How to be a trainer (for FOSS-related trainings)

  • FOSS training as a business model

  • Organizing trainings

  • Working with Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • Blended learning Communication skills


For more information, please see the Call for Training of Trainers.