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Half Time – First Feedback from the FOSS Business Trainings

The trainings for African FOSS Business Models, a major part of the ict@innovation programme, are currently being conducted in southern and eastern Africa – this summer first trainings took place in South Africa and Uganda. One of the participants of the Uganda training, Isaac Kigen, described the training as an important opportunity: "The training comes at a time when the world is embracing free and open source software and Africa should not be left behind. I think the objectives of the training are being more than met. The environment is wonderful and the people-both the facilitators and the participants have truly redefined the term team spirit. Kudos to InWent, FOSSFA, EACOSS.”

Tigist Awoke, another training particpant&compliments the set-up and atmosphere: "This workshop is great in terms of combination of participants, business people, associations, users, lecturers and and people form every part of the community. [There is] full of discussion and debate. I am sure we all have gained a lot”. This positive feedback and the team spirit of the participants is great news to us – after all, as Tigist Awoke described it, FOSS“ starts from the community

The ict@innovation training in Tanzania is taking place these weeks and the participants will participate and celebrate Software Freedom Day this September! Including the Tanzanian participants, nearly 60 trainers have been equipped to pass their knowledge on. The last of this years set of regional trainings will take place this October in Mozambique.


It is genocide for Competent Governments data admits to even think of running national systems on cheap, halve designed operating systems like Ubuntu, with no "after sale service". It’s ok if you want a free system to do your individual groceries list, make a simple calendar list etc. On a big national scale be liberal and practical. Ubuntu that Mark copied from the previous Lynxes has all the same underling basic for their operating. Ubuntu is no match for Windows. The latest Linux is not even an equivalent to Windows 3.1, personally I think Win 3.1 is still more advanced. Caveat emperor, Governments be warned!!!! If you want to do it right program (ICT) the first time stick with the pros with professional products, assistance and backup. I myself like Linux but its like working with a third full toolbox with some most important tools missing. Free, does not make up for a bargain that only work 20 percent of its full capacity.

The above comment, I am speechless, what do you say to this? Are you even serious? This is a joke? Well, people like this, is better to ignore.

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