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LPI Nairobi Training Questions

Hi all, For all of those who will be attending the training in Nairobi on the 1-12 November, please post any questions you may have regarding the course material here. The tutors will be online daily to respond to questions and help participants prepare for the course. The more work you do before hand the more you will get from the course and the better chance you have of passing the exam! Regards Mark
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It would be good to have a general consensus on certain sections that we can assume that majority of the participants will have adequately covered by the time we meet in Nairobi in November. Looking at the participants who were selected, all of them had indicated at the very least 2 years experience using Linux. quite a number have also indicated experience in training, working in training institutions. It is therefore safe to assume that there are certain sections that participants can cover on their own before the face to face training.

 The importance of this is that we will therefore have adequate time to go over those sections that are a bit harder. This is because our training will follow the boot camp style, where we will have intensive 2 weeks of training followed by the two exams on Saturday, 13th November. This therefore calls for adequate time being left for revision.

I therefore urge all the participants to contribute to this forum and lets see what we come up with in the next couple of days. There are also some participants who have much more experience than others. I urge them to also participate in the discussion on this forum and on the mailing list so that we can assist each other.

There is a list of resources that can be used in the Linux Admin Group. there we have put also some links to websites that have sample LPI exams. In case you are aware of any other resources that can be helpful, please share the links with us. We will be publishing the manual that we created as soon as the reviewing is completed. 

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Dear Participants, Am looking forward to your Inputs. Is the date for the Exams already fixed to Saturday november 13? I was of the opinion that participants may need one week to go through revision by themselves before writing the exam, more like building "stamina" for the Exam.

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