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Installing Operating System.


a) Spare Machine or Virtualize on a relatively powerful Machine

b) Centos 5.5 DVD


Download and install centos5.5 from your nearest FTP site or any other source available to you. You may use the following URL

Use a spare machine to install as the installation process may involve wiping out your harddrive. Alternatively you may dual boot or install in a virtual environment on your current Machine but you need to know what you are doing to follow this procedure.


For minimum requirements and other please visit site below:

Please place the following on separate partitions




NB* Leave 10gigs of space un-partitioned as we will use it for later Exercises. Please format using ext3 file system.

Once done please post the results of command “fdisk -l” via the mailing list. You must have root privileges to run this command. Should you have any installation issues please post on the mailing list or the forum and we will resolve them whilst others will benefit from the collaboration.

Sorry but I am only finding this now when I don't have enough time online for that long download - I live far from the internet! When is the deadline for submission of the "fdisk -l" output?

I also thought our trainers should have told us in advance that we needed to download this very big image for Centos. I happened to be lucky that someone gave me a copy. From our two classes and what the time-table shows,it maybe Friday this week.

To download CentOS from the link is too slow .it took me half a day and still i m trying .

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