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Overview of people trained by ict@innovation program

Hi All,

How many people has ict@innovation trained so far in which countries? Please find attached a chart showing the answer. Quite impressive! A big thank you to all those who participated in the trainings and thereby brought ict@innovation to life!

There will be 1 more training of trainers in Senegal this year. It will kick off ict@innovation in francophone West Africa. The call for participation will be published soon!

Are you new to the project? Then you can read more about the two main communities of the program here:
- FBT here
- and LPI :

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ict@innovation Community Empowerment Manager


Dear Mawusee,

Cool chart. Let me ship in another chart that I just did and which shows some impressive growth of the community over the past years. Congratulations to you and to the community. Yours, Balthas



















.....end ...

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