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FOSS Certification Mailing List

The FOSS Certification mailing list certification[at] is a place to discuss Linux Admin certification in Africa. It includes all trainers of the ict@innovation Linux Admin Training of Trainers courses as well as other community members interested in the subject.

If you are interested in Linux system administration or FOSS certification in Africa in general, please subscribe to the mailing list here.

The current FBT List Administrator is Evans Ikua:

FOSS Business Model Trainings Mailing List

The FBT-mailinglist was first created to facilitate online planning for the FOSS Business Model Trainings – hence the name FOSS Business models Trainings (FBT): FBT[at]

The mailing list includes all trainers and participants of ict@innovation's four courses on "Advanced African FOSS Business Models (ToT)" held in South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique as well as the co-editors, who were engaged in developing the training materials for these trainings. Recently, the list has been opened up to include participants of the national FOSS Business Model Trainings and other persons interested in FOSS in Africa.

Aim of the list is to support exchange amongst the FOSS Business Model training community. It is used actively to share news on FOSS and business in Africa and seek help and advice within the community, the development of the ict@innovation training materials and current courses.

If you are interested in African FOSS Business Models, please subscribe to the mailing list here.

To see the archive of mailinglist postings, visit the FBT Archives.

The current FBT List administration team consists of:

A. FBT Community team member

  • Samer Azmy (
  • Judy Okite (
  • Frederick Yeboah (

B. FOSS Business Training contracted team member

  • Frederick Yeboah (
  • Andreas Meiszner (

C. GIZ team member

  • George Nyambuya (
  • Petra Hagemann (