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African Foss Business Models training at Idlelo

Idlelo pre-conference training in Accra, Ghana from 14th to 15th May 2010!

The ict@innovation program invites to participate in a Training of Trainers on “African FOSS Business Models”. The training is designed to enable interested persons, institutions and businesses to act as trainers on the subject of building a business with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Participants will

- receive intensive training on FOSS business models in Africa;
- learn how ICT enterprises can use FOSS as a business;
- obtain necessary business skills to establish and operate a FOSS Business in ;
- and acquire knowledge and skills to adopt FOSS training as a business.

The main goal of the Training of Trainers is to share skills and qualifications to equip African ICT companies with the knowledge needed to successfully integrate Free and Open Source Software into their business.

Topics covered in the Training of Trainers:
The training programme will primarily cover the following topics:
- pre-training online course: Introduction to Emerging FOSS Business Models
- African Business Models: Case Studies
- FOSS Specific Business Knowledge and Skills
- FOSS Training

For more information on content of the training materials visit

Date and Location for Training of Trainers
The training of trainers will take place in Accra, Ghana from 14th to 15th May 2010. It is part of the pre-conference trainings of the pan-African conference on FOSS and Digital Commons Idlelo 4 (17th-21th May 2020). For more information on Idlelo see:

The selected participants are expected to complete the first module of the course “Introduction to emerging FOSS Business Models” online. The successful passing of a test on this module is a requirement for participating in the face-to-face training.

Profile of Participants/Participating Institutions

All participants and participating institutions must have be sufficiently proficient in English.
Successful applicants will have the following background:
- ICT trainer or professional with an training institution (public or private)
- ICT/ business lecturer at a higher education institution
- At least two years of experience in professional Business development
- A lead person in focus group(s) targeting ICT companies / ICT professionals

Suitably qualified women are especially encouraged to apply.

In particular, we encourage applications by candidates who are associated with organisations such as:
- ICT training institution with IT/business programmes (public or private)
- University/ higher Education Institution with IT/business programmes
- FOSS association or group / ICT and business association
- ICT SMEs with significant potential to further disseminate the knowledge provided in the trainings on a sustainable basis.

Application procedure:
Further information on conditions, costs and application procedures is available here:

Background - call for participation in ict@innovation's advanced training programme
The ict@innovation program aims at building capacities for African small and medium ICT enterprises to build a business with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The project encourages the growth of African ICT industries, particularly in Southern and East Africa, through three main action lines: spreading FOSS business models for enterprises in Africa, fostering FOSS certification and supporting innovative local FOSS applications for social and economic development.

ict@innovation is a partnership between Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) and InWEnt - Capacity Building International (Germany). Trainings are organised and carried out for the programme by UNU-Merit and AITI-KACE. Participants in the trainings will be expected to make trainings on FOSS business a part of their regular business and/or teaching activities. The participants will become part of an African community of FOSS Business Models trainers.

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