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FOSS and Health Sciences??

When i said to the interview panel, that my mistake to applied for the wrong position, was in part, because i had not seen the job advert physically, i hoped, beyond hope - that i had not dug my own grave.
Day 2, and i am getting into the nitty gritty of what i believe to be East Africa's first Health Sciences University whose IT Infrastructure is 100% (well, almost) FOSS.
Now, dont be deceived, i had to state a case, defend a cause, and fight for this job. For me, it was great to know, i could be paid to run free software. I smelled the money, and now am on the way to the bank!
430 Students, and a staff of over 50! 193 computing devices - save for a Networked Scanner, and 2 Finance Dept Computers with Tally - and am beginning to love this. 
There is FOSS everywhere around me - and am supposed to be running it, can u imagine that?

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