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Linux administrator Training of Trainers application form - Individuals

Application Form for Individuals

Third Regional Training of Trainers for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Level 1 for Eastern Africa (Code: LToT3)

Application Deadline for the Dar es Salaam training (LToT3) in August 2011 for East African participants is

13th June 2010

Personal Information
Contact Address
Your profile and outreach role
Please provide information on your profile and future outreach role, as well as on your relevant work experience.
(Please particularly provide information on how your employer / affiliated organization is active as an: ICT and business association; University/ higher Education Institution with IT/business programmes; ICT training institution (public or private); FOSS association or group; IT SME with substantial outreach potential. Please also provide a link to the organisation's website)
(Please describe your profile as: A trainer with an ICT / business association or group; An ICT/ business lecturer at a higher education institution; A specialist / trainer with an ICT training institution (public or private);A manager of an ICT SME with outreach potential; A FOSS advocate with a FOSS association or group)
Your outreach potential
(Please describe how you plan to pass on the knowledge gained in the trainings to IT-companies and IT professionals in your country. Please provide information on how you are reaching out to IT-companies / IT professionals (e.g. as key clients of your trainings), or how you are working as a lead person in focus group activity or trainer with the possibility to access training facilities)
(Please provide information on: how you plan to integrate a course on “Linux Professional Institute Certification” into your training/outreach portfolio and how you envisage to incorporate the course in the IT-business /entrepreneurship programmes/ curricula  of your organization)
(If you are selected for participation in the training course, you will be expected to act as a trainer yourself afterwards. Please provide information on how you or your organisation plan to organise and conduct at least two trainings of your own based on the course in your country during 2011.)
Track record and personal interest:
(Please provide information on your personal interest in the LPI certification and learning outcomes of the programme and how you plan to run a business or training courses)
Information on major trainings you have delivered
(Please provide information on your experience in ICT and/or business related training, or your experience as a lead person in focus group activity targeting IT-companies / IT professionals.)
(Please describe how you have at least two years of professional experience in ICT and / or business development and/or experience in training, or as a lead person in focus group activity targeting IT-companies / IT professionals)
Relations to professional associations:
(If you have any other comments or additions, please list them below. Also, please make sure to update information on your personal profile here:, if you are already a registered user on ict@innovation. If you are not a member yet, please register here to become part of ict@innovation's web community:)
Please attach your most recent Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) to this application. Please attach a letter of support to this application. All documents must be in the following formats DOC, ODT or PDF Submit this Application via this form OR via email to: and copy OR fax it to: +27-86-624-9181 Participants or their institutions will need to bear travel costs to the training site, as well as make a commitment to book and sit the two exams that make up LPIC-1, each costing about USD 95. Subsidies for travel may be granted upon request and justification. Declaration: By submitting this form you are declaring that the information submitted by you is correct to the best of your knowledge. It is important to us that your privacy is respected when we process personal data. By submitting this form you agree to the processing of such data only for any purpose connected with your application for this program. These personal data will only be stored in our internal systems and will not be passed to third parties.


Please post on-line material content so that we can learn our self in case we may not be selected for the training.

Please post on-line material content so that we can learn our self & prepared for this workshop at east african countries

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