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LPI Training of Trainers application form - Institutions

Application Form for Institutions

Third Regional Training of Trainers for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Level 1 for Eastern Africa (Code: LToT3)

Application Deadline is 13th June 2011 for the Dar es Salaam training in August 2011. Applications for this training are open for Eastern African participants

Institutional Information:
(Private/Public/Public-private partnership)
Main Contact Information:
(please include country codes)
Countries of Operation: (Please list maximum three (3)):
(Only businesses and institutions operating within Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia) for the Dar es Salaam training (LToT3, August 2011)
Institutional Expertise and Affiliations:
Please give a brief introduction to your institution or organisation.
Please focus on how your organisation is reaching out to IT companies/experts.
Your Nominations for the ict@innovation training
Please provide up to three (3) nominees for the training.
Note that there is no guarantee that all nominees will be accepted. Please ask your nominees to fill in the individual application form!
First Nominee
Second nominee
Third nominee
Please name which.
     Submit your application via this form OR send it to: ikua[at], and copy george[at]  OR fax it to: +27-86-6249181 by 5th December 2010 for the Johannesburg training (February 2011)   Participants or their institutions will need to bear travel costs to the training site, as well as make a commitment to book and sit the LPIC exams (two exams) costing about 95 USD each. Subsidies for travel may be granted upon request and justification.     Declaration: By submitting this form you are declaring that the information submitted by you is correct to the best of your knowledge. It is important to us that your privacy is respected when we process personal data. By submitting this form you agree to the processing of such data only for any purpose connected with your application for this program. These personal data will only be stored in our internal systems and will not be passed to third parties.   Join ict@innovation and become a community member! We would like to ask you to become a member of the ict@innovation community by registering on the ict@innovation website and creating a profile, indicating your interests and skills in FOSS. This will enable you to contribute to the Website Fora and Wikis, to join in a knowledge exchange with other persons interested in FOSS and/or involved in the ict@innovation programme.

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