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ict@innovation Training Materials

This section on ict@innovation training material provides you with an overview of learning materials, resources and references that have been developed and compiled for the different trainings of ict@innovation and related activities.

Release of Open course material -  

ict@innovation: Free your IT-Business in Africa!
Advanced Training Material on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Business Models for IT-SMEs

This open course material on "Advanced African FOSS Business Models" supports the building of knowledge and capacities in African small and medium ICT enterprises to make a business with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). It aims to contribute to the growth of African ICT industries through spreading FOSS business models for enterprises in Africa. The material has been collaboratively developed by FOSS experts from Africa and Europe for use as training material for experts and executive staff from IT businesses in Africa, ICT-associations, their member organisations, ICT-training institutions as well as universities and their trainers.

The Advanced African FOSS Business Models training material is developed by the "Content Creation Community" and consists of 6 modules, spread along three thematic parts. Part one introduces basic FOSS concepts and provides practical case studies of FOSS business models across the African continent. Part two covers knowledge and skills for FOSS entrepreneurs; introducing innovative and cost effective business tools and techniques, components of business management skills, community building and networking, and FOSS strategies which are vital for starting and sustaining a viable FOSS business in Africa. As FOSS is becoming more and more mainstream, many businesses see training as a viable business. The learning objectives of part three are aimed at fostering understanding of some of the requirements for becoming a trainer, and identifying the opportunities that exist for FOSS training as a business in African as well as a global look at Linux training and certification worldwide.

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ict@innovation: Free your IT-Business in Africa!
Advanced Training Material on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Business Models for IT-SMEs

> Module 1: Introduction to Emerging FOSS Business Models

> Module 2: African FOSS Business Models:  Case Studies

> Module 3: Communicating FOSS

> Module 4: Introduction to General Business Skills

> Module 5: FOSS Specific Business Knowledge and Skills

> Module 6: FOSS Training

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Open Source & More IT for African Business

As part of a previous programme, the it@ab network together with InWEnt released a series of e-Learning courses on "Open Source & More IT for African Business". The focus lies on "Free and Open Source Software" (FOSS) as a key technology to drive innovation, add local value and create sustainable and affordable ICT-solutions. The courses are organized as online modules for self-study and include lessons, tests and selected references.