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Creating and Editing Content

The general content entry forms for static content, wiki pages, blog posts, forum entries and calender entries are very similar, with only a few differentiations.

  • Title: This is the page title that will be displayed.
  • Category: Chose one or more category that applies to the content you are creating from the three ict@innovation categories: African FOSS Business, FOSS Certification and FOSS Applications. This helps users when searching for content.
  • Tags: Tags can be chosen freely, but should of course describe the page contents.  When writing into the tag field, suggestions of already existing tags appear and can be selected, this prevents duplication of tags.
  • Text Body: The text can be formatted with a rich text editor. The editor allows you to add pictures by clicking on the „add image“ icon. Here you can uploade and insert pictures. You can enable or disable the richt text editor by going to "My account" and "Edit".
  • The Input Format should be set at Full HTML.
  • File Attachments can be added and will be linked for download at the bottom of the page. Links to files can also be entered in the text body via the RTE.
  • Comment settings can allow for comments on a page by page basis.
  • Edit a page: Go to the saved/published page and click on the „Edit“ tab.

// NOTE – PDF pages: All pages in the site can be downloaded and printed as a PDF file. The „Download PDF“ link is located at the bottom of each page. //

What's special about the WIKI?

You can track revisions for a wiki page under the „Revisions“ tab. It is possible to revert the text to a previous version.

What's special about the FORUM?

All individual postings in a forum can be replied to; and email notifications on replies to a certain thread can be subscribed to. The link to post a new forum topic is located on the main forums page.

What's special about the EVENTS?

Our small "Upcoming" section in the left handed menu lists a few conferences, trainings, etc. which will be hosted in Africa and are related to either FOSS or ICT at large.