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African FOSS Business

<i><b>This section provides news on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Business in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities in this area. All ict@innovation blog articles categorized as “FOSS Business” are aggregated here. You can subscribe to this page via RSS Feed by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page. </i></b>


Training on Advanced African Business Models - Namibia Agency for Training and Service Technology
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Misheck Nyaluso and colleagues are Planning for the National Roll-out in the 1st quarter of 2011
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Training Courses on African FOSS Business Models

National course versions of the Advanced Training Material on African FOSS Business Models will be added by the trainers that are holding national trainings. We invite all trainers to share their courseware and content with the community here!

This is a wiki space, so be invited and go ahead and add your courses the wiki way!

Please see these pages as your space that can and should be fashioned around your needs and by you !!!

About the National Course Directory

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General Discussion: The African FOSS Business Syllabus

In this general discussion forum you can post comments and suggestions relating to the African FOSS Business Models training material.

To help forum participants, please refer to the relevant modules (1-6) at the syllabus main page

A look back on four Training of Trainers of African FOSS Business Models

From July to November four training of trainers (ToT) on "Advanced African FOSS Business Models" have been conducted in the ict@innovation  programme. Throughout the ToTs the participants and future trainers have been very motivated and eager to learn more about FOSS Business Models. The six modules of the training were very interactive and a lot of productive discussions took place.

Each ToT was held in a period of ten days in each host country, followed by a six-week online phase.


Voucher System Updated for FOSS Business Models Trainings 2011!

Dear FBT,

Apologies for the late communication and release of this news to you. It was a length and consultative process/approach in terms of getting to finalize the issue on Support levels for your trainings in 2011.

Find attached is the Document outline the support engagement from ICT@innovation for all your 2011 trainings.In the event that there are changes,I will communicate to you.

Please do not hesitate to also feed in your comments in as far as issue on your support for the FOSS Business Models is concerned.

Half Time – First Feedback from the FOSS Business Trainings

The trainings for African FOSS Business Models, a major part of the ict@innovation programme, are currently being conducted in southern and eastern Africa – this summer first trainings took place in South Africa and Uganda. One of the participants of the Uganda training, Isaac Kigen, described the training as an important opportunity: "The training comes at a time when the world is embracing free and open source software and Africa should not be left behind. I think the objectives of the training are being more than met.

FOSS Advocacy in East Africa

During the advocacy session it was realised that the issues affecting FLOSS in the various countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda present at the workshop were very similar. The following are some of the items that were raised:
1. The use of the term Free and Open seems to be more of a problem.
2. There are various uncoordinated efforts to promote and advocate for FOSS, sometimes seemingly to undo efforts of the other.
3. Inadequate technical skills to support open source projects.

Evaluation / Final Module

Survey: Advanced African FOSS Business Models Course (ToT)

Dear participant

Evaluation / Module 5

African FOSS Business Models - Evaluation Form

Module 5: FOSS Specific Business Knowledge and Skills


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