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FOSS Business Models

African FOSS Business Models Trainers

The following Africa-based trainers and experts have all been qualified by partaking in the ict@innovation Training-of-Trainer programme. They have acquired experience and expertise in "African FOSS Business Models for IT-SMEs" and now offer trainings and other services themselves.

Feel free to contact these persons, if you are interested in trainers and training services in the area of Open Source and business, in particular "African FOSS Business Models".

FOSSFA and InWEnt launching first regional course on Business and Open Source in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, 14/07/2009 - "How can Southern African IT-businesses make money with Free and Open Source Software?“ - this one of the questions being  discussed at the regional course on "Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“. The two-week event started on July 13 at University  of Witwatersrand, (Wits) in Johannesburg and is the first in a series of training-of-trainer (ToT) events in Southern and East Afria.

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