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Africa and Europe join forces in Training on Free Technology

More networking of African IT specialists with Europe and joint building of advanced training materials – this is what a new partnership of FOSSFA's and GIZ’s ict@innovation programme with the Europe-wide ‘Free Technology Academy’ (FTA) is all about. The Free Technology Academy (FTA), financially supported by the Life Long Learning programme (LLP) of the European Commission, is a collaboration between the Netherlands-based Free Knowledge Institute and three European universities.


ict@innovation's first regional training of trainers course on Linux system administration has taken off in Nairobi. The training which started on Monday, 1st November, brings together about 20 participants from across the East African region, that is Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

The ict@nnovation LPIC-1 Training Guide - coming soon

lpic_material_workshop_s.jpgAfter a very busy week at the Strathmore University in Nairobi, a small group of 7 African Linux experts made probable History by producing the first LPIC training manual done in Africa, by Africans. In the group was a veteran Linux and Unix Engineer and writer from the UK, Dr Chris Brown.

Wanted: Training participants for the first Regional LPIC-1 Training of Trainers


First Regional Training of Trainers for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Level 1 for East Africa (Code: LToT1)

Second Regional training of Trainers for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Level 1 for Southern Africa (Code: LToT2)


22nd September 2010 for Eastern African participants

5th December 2010 for Southern African participants

Very excited to be part of the team launching the first National Training of FOSS Business models in Tanzania

On the 2nd August 2010, the 1st FOSS Business National Training will kick off at the National Institute of Transport.

Congratulations to Mr Edgar Telesphory for such achievement beside all mishaps during the preparations.

University Computing Centre Ltd is happy to be included in this remarkable event and will be sending three resources to participate as co-trainers.

We will keep you posted.

Press Release: ict@innovation Training Handbook released: "Free your IT-Business in Africa!"

To publicise the launch of the new ict@innovation Training Handbook "Free your IT-Business in Africa!" we have written this press release and are currently spreadind the news that the materials can be downloaded for free here on the website on different mailinglists and relevant repositories. We want to make sure everyone interested in the materials knows about them so please feel free to help us spread the word and pass on this press release and most importantly the link to the materials!

Training book on FOSS business models launched at Idlelo 4

Medaase to everyone who has put there thought and energy into the training materials!The Idlelo Gala Dinner last night was the perfect location to launch the training handbook: “ict@innovation : Free your IT Business in Africa! ” in a befittingly festive atmosphere. The training guide compiles all the advanced training materials on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) business models for small and medium enterprisers in the IT-industry.

FOSS training Institutions

This group consists of organizations and institutions that offer FOSS training. This may be training in Linux and Linux certification like LPI, Red hat etc. There are also other FOSS trainings like OpenICDL, PHP, MySQL, Python etc.

If your organization is interested in participating in our project with the intention of offering trainings on open source, then we encourage you to join this group so that you can keep up with the discussions and plans.

African Foss Business Models training at Idlelo

Idlelo pre-conference training in Accra, Ghana from 14th to 15th May 2010!

The ict@innovation program invites to participate in a Training of Trainers on “African FOSS Business Models”. The training is designed to enable interested persons, institutions and businesses to act as trainers on the subject of building a business with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Participants will


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