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Blog Guidelines

ict@innovation invites all community members to blog about their experiences with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Africa, including FOSS projects, businesses, applications or any other relate issues (for examples news on information and communication or media projects that may be interesting to the ict@innovation community).

If you are interested in blogging on ict@innovation let us know, so that we can assign you all necessary rights and introduce you to our blog rules - see also above:

When writing, we have a few Blog Rules we'd kindly ask you to respect:

Publishing Articles

Please blog about topics related to the ones above.

Please keep a professional tone. No abusive or insulting content is allowed.

Please do not inserting content from an office programme like Open Office or MS Word: Instead please make sure you paste your content into an editor before inserting it into the website editor! 

Inserting Multi-Media

You can add pictures or videos to your articles by embedding them via links or chosing the "instert image" button in the Richt Text Editor.



  • Feel free to comment any article if you feel you have something to share on the topic, a question or critique.
  • Basically the blog rules apply here as well: No abuses, no off-topic issues, and NO Spam PLEASE... We check all comments so don't bother trying!