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ict@innovation Website Guidelines for Registered Users

Once you have logged-on to the website, you can administer all your personal profile and settings as well as create new content by using the menu at the right hand side of the website.

Once you are member of a group, a group menu will appear on the right hand side below your personal administration menu.

Registered Users

Your profile (individual or organization) are published in the public database. You can edit your account information under "My account". As a member, you are free to use all the website functionalities, such as the groups, wikis, for and blog. Find out more about what this website offers and how to create content


As soon as you become member of a group, or create a group, the "My Groups" menu appears under your personal administration menu. As a group member, you can use all the tools available in the group (wiki, blog, calendar, forum, file management). All content entered in the group context is only visible to group members. Find out more about how to create a group and what to do there.


ict@innovation invites all community members to blog about their experiences with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Africa, including FOSS projects, businesses, applications or any other relate issues (for examples news on information and communication or media projects that may be interesting to the ict@innovation community). Check our guidelines on blogging.

Keeping an overview of new content

The blogs, the calender and the forum (all both group and public) offer RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. ou can also keep track of new content through email subscriptions. Here is how to do it.