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The ict@innovation Groups

The ict@innovation groups provide collaborative spaces for registered users. The groups contain certain functionalities:

  • wikis for collaborative work
  • space for file sharing
  • a joint calendar for group events
  • forums and message posting function

Some of the web groups are private – meaning only invited users can access them. Other groups are public and can be accessed by all users, whether they are a member of the group or not.

  • Public Groups may be created by any community member and serve the purpose of enabling community exchange on Open Source related topics. If you need a space to get together, for example, if you would like to get together a group of people to work on a topic such as Open Source in Education, Advocacy for FOSS, planning an Open Source event etc, you can use the ict@innovation groups as a platform. Each group contains a file sharing platform, a wiki, and a news page. You can also create groups-specific events.
    Check the list of all public groups (login needed).
  • Private Groups are reserved for the planning of the ict@innovation programme and may only be created by members of the programme management group, and steering committee as well as the pillar managers. You will find your groups on the right hand side menu.


How to create a group?

Sing up to ict@innovation, and chose the “Create Group” link in the right hand side menu. Chose a name and write a description, invite some people and off you go!

  • Once you have created a group it will appear in your right hand menu under „My Groups“.
  • You can add members to your group by clicking on the number of members, and then „Add members“.
  • Under „My membership“you can subscribe and receive regular updates on your groups content.