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National training course directory - add information about your course and training materials! Please provide the following information on your national course:

We kindly ask each national trainer to add her/his localized course and training materials to this directory and to provide some further information on it, which should include at the minimum:

1. Basic Information

Trainers might want to provide some basic information on their courses using the bullets or upload a document describing their training activity.

  • Country:

  • City/Region:

  • Type of training:

  • Cost of training (for learner):

  • Mode of training (class room based, online, blended):

  • Objectives / learning outcome:

2. Syllabus Information

  • A course syllabus should be provided by you to inform your participants what your trainings are about. Describe the syllabus you are using for your national training. If your are using the African FOSS Business Syllabus;

              1. list which modules you are using as is,

              2. which modules your are modifying, and

              3. which new modules you have developed.

3. Training Facilities

  • A link to your online course materials should be provided / Alternatively or additionally you are also invited to upload your localized training materials within your course description. To upload them you just need to hit the "file attachments" button.

  • A link to your online learning environment should be provided (e.g. Dokeos, Moodle, etc.)

To help you conduct your training, you may also like to use any of the ICT@Innovation training facilities;


Course Name: Teaching and FOSS Business Model (Free and Open Source Software) Date of Course Start:08-11-2010 to 12-11-2010 Institution /Organisation: Kaliki-liki Centre for Skills Development (KCfSD) Country: ZAMBIA Name of trainer: Tembo James Harrison Name: Further information:

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