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Courses in Mozambique

Course: Introduction to FOSS in Education and E-learning

Start: Monday 2nd August 2010

Trainers :

  • Malauzi Campira (Organiser)

Basic Information :

  • Country: Mozambique
  • City/Region: Cidade de Chimoio, Manica Province
  • Type of training: Vocational training
  • Cost of training (for learner): MT 3 500 / us $100
  • Mode of training (class room based, online, blended): Blended Class Lecture and CD based e learning
  • Objectives / learning outcome:
    • Discuss Introduction to FOSS in education and E learning
    • To promote common understanding about Freee and Open Source IT in education and E - Learning and to equip participants and stakeholders to make informed decisions and advocate for Adoption and implementation of FOSS based solutions in schools
    • To Introduce participants to further advanced leraning opportunities in FOSS IT

Syllabus Information :

We have included UNESCO Bangkok's popular online ICT in Education Series online course into the trainings. Participants will first complete the course using an interactive cd. This will introduce participants to common understanding of ICT in education and will also familiarise participants with basic terminology and concepts. This module will add value to the workshop as participants will be able to Print their certificates upon completion, they will also be introduced to the wider UNESCO Educational and other FOSS portals This will give a solid introduction to The “Advanced African FOSS business Models Modules”! Furthermore, we have remixed the case studies modules to include cases which are specific to Foss in Schools and E- Learning. After discussing the case studies participants will be introduced to hands on practicals of various educational Linux Distros and Educational Applications.

Workshop Training Program :




1. Registrations

2. Introduce bantu projects (our work and philosophy

3. Introduce our Partners

      • InWEnt
      • FOSSFA
      • OSISA
      • The Open Source Community at large 

4. Workshop Overview

5. Introduce ict@innovations portal

6. Introductions by Participants

7. Group Photos


  • Training Start

    •  ICT in Education Essentials
    •  UNESCO Bangkok E-Learning Series on ICT in Education       




  • FOSS Practicals
    • Participants give feedback on the case studies, then introduce various FOSS applications
  • Hands practical of Open Source
    • Educational Linux distros
    • OpenOffice
    • Tux family
    • Moodle
    • Dokeos
    • etc


Training Facilities

  • Cidade de Chimoio, Manica Province


unesco ict in education link :

Place: Hotel Castelo Branco Chimoio

Modules 4,5 and 6 are not included

The dates have been changed  to  16 -28 August

Our contacts are contact 00258 84 7223735

SUMMARY OF TRAINING CAMPIRA MULAUZI @bantu projects/ Centro de Formaçao Aberta (CENFOAB,) Chimoio, Mozambique Course title :Introduction to Open Source ICT in Education and E Learning We conducted the program with participants form two schools. At the first school we conducted the program as a short course on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. We introduced the program with a UNESCO interactive ICT in Education e learning CD. This CD was very appropriate because it practical introduced e learning and ICT in Education. The course-ware was targeted specially for teachers and stakeholders in education which was also a bridge for some teachers who had little insight of ICT in education and Open Source in particular. The UNESCO CD introduced and discussed FOSS in a very favorable tone. After the CD module we then commenced with the ICT@innovation Module. We partly achieved our original objectives. We managed to introduce and demystify FOSS in general. However most of the participants had little basic IT appreciation. This forced us to simplify our approach. We were not did not discuss advanced FOSS or other advanced open source projects like Moodle and other E learning and Course Management systems or cover all the topics in the various modules. The participants were from diverse technical proficiency . We had to find a common ground by continuing the program as a continuous foss story. We did not follow the course modules in the original order. The popular case studies were of Linus Tovalds and Mark Shuttleworth Ubuntu story. Almost all participants were from the grassroots and at this level I discovered that people are not negatively biased against FOSS hence there is a need to continue to enlighten and offer more relevant open source technical proficiency and capacity building training programs. We also established a market for further training in appropriate FOSS packages for Education and general everyday computing. The teachers were very much motivated. They were also concerned with the value the training and certification to their careers. We achieved that as we even managed to persuade the schools to partly sponsor the participants. The supporting partner infrastructure was also pivotal in fortifying credibility to the program. Participants were delighted to be part of The ICT@innovations and other on line open source communities with prospects for further benefits. However on the other hand most of the participants as teachers ,were not likely to establish their own businesses. However they are pivotal in promoting the acceptance of FOSS at grassroots. WE found out that there is a need to have a specific ICT in Education program for Decision Makers and Implementers . This could be in form of Expos or demonstrations to practically demonstrate complete FOSS Education and e Learning systems. Together with the FOSS literate teachers , trainer of trainers and students training programs , we will gradually and eventually create a strong business market for ourselves and others Occurrences I was very fortunate that through word of mouth from one of the participants, I was invited to offer the program at another school which was not not on our original plans. Recommendations for further trainings For FOSS in education I would recommend specializing in excellent Foss solutions eg Open(Libre)Office / Edubuntu. Moodle etc In this project I felt that The FOSS introductory and advocacy Module be simplified or combined into one foss story. Simplified for beginners..Advocacy should also be enhanced by by including various practical examples of open source course-ware programs and initiatives like the Global campus, FTA ict@innovations UNESCO in Education etc.

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