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National roll out Training  in Uganda

Title:  Bugema University – “Advanced Training on business Models with Free and Open Source Software”

Start: Sunday August 22, 2010

Trainers :

  • Nkambwe Robert  - Trainer and Organizer
  • James Wire -  Visiting Trainer  from Linux Solutions
  • Richard Okuti – Visiting Trainer from  the East African Center for Open Source Software

Basic Information :

  • Country: Uganda
  • City/Region: Luwero District, Bamunanika County
  • Venue: Bugema University
  • Type of training: ICT
  • Cost of training (Participant fee): UGSHS 220,000
  • Mode of training (class room based,  group discussions, online, blended): Presence & online

Objectives / learning outcome :

  • To introduce participants to FOSS General Knowledge
  • To discover how African SMEs can  make business using FOSS
  • To get skills in how to develop a business plan or business proposal  in a FOSS business environment
  • To learn how to organize and hold trainings on FOSS Business Models for local SME
  • To learn from others through exploring African based case studies

Syllabus Information :

    The course syllabus is comprised of the original Advanced Training Materials on African FOSS Business Models and consists of the following modules:

Training Facilities :


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