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Minutes of all Meetings

Updated Minutes of all Meetings
1-   5th July 2012
2- 10th July 2012
3- 17th July 2012
4- 24th July 2012

5- 31st July 2012

6-  7th August 2012

List of who ever has attended at least one meeting
1. Arnold Pieterson, 2. Brian Ssennoga, 3.Isaac kigen,  4.Evans Ikua,  5. Geraldine de Bastion,
6. John Matogo,       7. Mawusee FOLI,   8. Nnenna Nwakanma,    9.Steffi Meyer, 10.Brian Sikute,      
11. Mark Clarke        12. Trust Zifa

1- Current staff situation & last GIZ-funded activities in 2012


Employees are

Steffi 100%: GIZ Bonn
Evans 50 %: Pillar B Management (apart from volunteering for community self-governance)
Mawusee 50% for GIZ Bonn (apart from 50% for FOSSFA): Community Self-Governance and assistance of GIZ Bonn

While Steffi's and Evan's contract end, FOSSFA will keep Mawusee (CEM).

Consultants are

Geraldine - supporting the community self-governance, integrating Pillar C into active community, marketing
John - updating Business Models manual, consulting and encouraging Pillar A trainers in giving national follow-up trainings (apart from volunteering for community self-governance)
Mark - updating the Certification manual (apart from volunteering for community self-governance)
David (German) - developing ebooks
Uli (German) - website admin


- FOSS Business Models ToT in Senegal (in September)
- Final evaluation: interviews
(July-October) and workshop (in September)
- Update, impression and distribution of FOSS business models and Certification training manual (July-August)
- Implementing community-self governance: community workshop in September
- Project handover to FOSSFA

Facts and Figures on the Community

- Number of trainers: 111 in Business Models and 69 in Certfication
- Number of mailing lists: the one on FOSS Business Models and the one on Certification.Number of members: 300 Business Models and 150 Certification
- Number of registrated members on website: 750 people, 500 FOSS-related organisations.

2- What your volunteer role is all about ?

Time Contribution
For volunteer tasks it is advised to contribute rather little (for example, 1/2 hrs per week), make minimal engagement and keep it regular. Dont overdo it in the beginning.

Role of Champion
Within every role we will have a "champion". He keeps the volunteers together, asks questions, brings ideas to the table and also makes it work. They cajole, encourage, summarize, etc. Champions = facilitators. The champion will be supported by "core group of volunteers".


Tuesday, 4 p.m. GMT will from now on be the weekly meeting for every active volunteer.

Details of every Volunteer Role:

Before asking for volunteer replacements or more volunteers to join us, we are going to detail out the roles so it's clear what exactly is expected from a volunteer. And the end will be a document that outlines which roles are needed to sustain the communities and which responsibities the roles have ("governance structure"). We are going to finish this at the Community Workshop to be held in September in Tansania.

Role 1 : Management of E-learning platform & Training Evaluation
Brian will work on technical issues, not in a coordinating role.

Details page is here :

Role 2 : Administration of Mailing Lists and Website Management

FBT list is run by the following volunteers:
-, (active)
- - ?
- - ?
- - (Suleiman) ?

- Norbert Glakpe
- Tomslin

Certification list run by: 
- ikua at (active)
- cem at / mawusee.foli at (active)
- hamyar at - ?
- Norbert Glakpe
- Tomslin

Details page is here :

Role 3: Marketing and Branding

In the community empowerment package are the links to the marketing material: Several links are currently not working, for example the one to the marketing material. John will update the community empowerment package within his Pillar A consulting assignment.

All marketing materials must be produced using open source tools.

Questions that need answers:
What is the marketing and branding for ?
How should materials be standardized ?
What do we have to market ?
What and how must the training material be standardized?
What training material do we currently have?
What formats are they in?
What are the licensing of it? 

Details page is here :

Role 4 : Content Management of Training Material

This role is being added to Role 1 as of now.

3- Who is going to take part in Community Workshop in September in Tanzania (Friday, 21 September 2012) ?

Those who have confirmed:

John (for Pillar A),
Evans (for Pillar B)

                             NEXT MEETING IS TUE, 14th August 2012, 4PM GMT.

Quick Timeline

Task and Status


When (Deadline)

Role 1:
-task details
-choose champion
-come up with a system of Evaluating Training activities

- consider some technical solution for Dokeos system

Brian Ssennoga (Uganda)

Mark Clarke (South Africa)

Asrat Mulatu Beyene (Ethiopia)

John Matogo (Kenya)
Brian Sikute (Zambia)

Trust Zifa (South Africa)

Friday 27th July

Role 2: update the details with Website update


Friday 27th July

Role 3 : Task details and choose champion

Arnold Pietersen (South Africa)
Isaac Kigen (Kenya)
Evans Ikua (Kenya)

Monday 30th July

Find a solution for Asrat


Tuesday 31st July

Update the Communities (FBT, LPI, FOSSFA) about volunteers tasks

Mawusee (Geraldine, Steffi, All volunteers)

Monday 30th July

Agree on tasks related to the website update that will be assigned to Marc

Steffi, Marc

Tuesday 31st July

Create and arrange the details pages for each role (Done)


Friday 27th July

Remove unactive volunteers

Mawusee, all volunteers

Once role details will be completed

Have a volunteers mailing list at ICT@INNOVATION level

Steffi, all volunteers

Monday 30th July

Suscribe to both FBT and LPI mailing list (inform Mawusee in case you can not suscribe to a mailing list)

All volunteers

Monday 30th July

Pending Agenda items :

- additions to minutes from last week
- State of affairs of to dos
- Governance of LPI and FOSS Business Models Training Component
- How it will be embedded in the FOSSFA structure (start thinking about it)

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