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Role 1: Management of E-learning platform & Training Evaluation

E-learning Management and Training Evaluation

This role involves management of the e-learning system on behalf of the trainers. Trainers are welcome to make use of the system to supplement their training activities/sessions. If a trainer would like to ue the system, they could request to have their training session created on the system and their participants added onto that training session.

The role volunteers will be available to facilitate and support the trainer in this exercise.The role volunteers are also responsible for maintaining the official training material and ensuring good quality. The volunteers will not be responsible for handling requests for financial support.

The group will be responsible for quality control over training content and courses, ensuring that some minimum standards are met for courses to be run under the ict@innovation brand.

The group should also have an over site role to review training programme progress in different regions, analyse successes and short-comings and suggest ways or interventions to strengthen regions that are weak or under-represented.

  The following table summarizes the group's work plan:



Time Deadline


Input Resources


I. Provide an online platform

1. Set up platform and Configure it.

Sep 2012

99.9% Availability

System usability

Documentation (Instln + Confign)


Domain name

Server H/W

Moodle Hosting Software

System admin

Internet Bandwidth

storage devices



Brian Sk.



2. Train platform Admin

Oct 2012

Training guide (platform admin guide)

Report of training


working sytem



Brian Sk.


Brian Ss.


3. Train Platform user(Trainers & Trainees)


Moodle training course(Nov 2012)

Learning platform

Seun, Camara, Trust, Olivier, Asrat, Jabera

4. Course Registration Processes(FBT, LPI, Other)


Registration guide

Seun, Camara, Trust, Olivier, Asrat

5. Platform M&E


Platform M&E report (6 months)

Feedback from trainers



Brian Sk.


II. Content mgmt & Q.A.

1. Create course content (a model that act as a default)

June 2013

Online courses + manual

Call for free LPI course across Africa (Francophone and Anglophone)

Planning LPI – Trust, Brian(both), Mark

Planning FBI-Yann, John, Fode

2. define trainers standards

Dec 2013

Standards guide (std and conditions)-trainers

3. define review/oversight process

Evaluation guide (moodle survey)

III. Monitoring & Evaluation

1. training material review


Updated materials

Certification obj.

Peer review

Community request

Yann, John, Brian, Mark, Olivier, Community

2. Monitoring of training


Training report

Training Evaluation

Brian Ss.(LPI), John(FBT), + lead trainer

IV. Institutionalisation of Training in to FOSSFA

1. Looking for partnership opportunities


Establish courses + Platform history + Justifications + Executive report

Regular reports

FOSSFA + team

2. Grow into FOSSFA

Current Volunteers:
Mark Clarke(MC)
Brian Ssenonga(BS)
John Matogo(JM)
Brain Sikute(BSk)
Trust Zifa(TZ)
Seun Ojedeji (Nigeria)
Matogoro Jabera (Tanzania)
Fode Camara (Maricius)
Yann le Beux (Sénégal)
Olivier Kouami (Togo)
Asrat M. Beyene (Ethiopia) 


John and the rest of the team,
Thanks for all the work in getting the community to this stage. Great Progress being made, also very very exciting to be a part of it.

Nice! I suppose BS<=>BSk

Hi all,
Add me as a volunteer as I could also assist esp. providing the online platform and/or content management
Doin what I luv and luvin what I do

This is a great resource, the real future of the program ict@innovation. But it's also nothing comparing to what will happened in maximum1 year. Wait & see, God, Himself, is in control ...
God bless Africa and we, the africans ! Freedom for all !
-Olivier or Olevie-, it's same person in FOSSFA !

This is a great work ! The yard is large ...
But we have to do it !
Cheers !

Bonjour le CEM,

Tu veux bien ajouter mon nom pour le rôle 1c-à-d comme formateur stp.
Merci et bonne journée,


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