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Role 2 : Administration of Mailing Lists and Website Management

1. Overall Aims and Role description

Mailing List Management:

- Approve emails sent from non members
- Reject Spams
- Subscribe / Unsuscribe Members
- Inform community regarding any issue or information related to the mailing lists

Website Update:

 - Identification of the website content status

 - respond to comments posted on the site.

 - approve commenst & scan pages and user registrations for spammers, delete spam / fake users. Check the How-to-guide on spam / comment approval.

 - Recommend to FOSSFA actions to take based on the website content audit

- approve people, who want to have blogging rights on the front page??? (input Balthas)

2. Members

Tomslin Samme-Nlar(Cameroon)

Norbert GLAKPE (Togo)

Suleiman H. Suleiman (Zanzibar)

Baby Chuma (Tanzania)

Kayode Yussuf (Nigeria)

Etsegenet Fisseha (Ethiopia)

Balthas Seibold (Germany)

Marie Moumine (Niger)

Médard Cossi AGBAYAZON

Wendemi Pascaline

Cyriaque DANSOU

moise kayeu (Cameroon)

Ramanou S. BIAOU (Benin)

3. Regular Meeting Time and Date

When: Wednesdays at 3PM GMT

How: On Skype, please contact [tomsleen or norbertglakpe] to join the skype call/conversation.

4. Volunteer Workplan

Website Content Status

Make use of the content displayed here : to get a better overview of the whole website. The aim of the table below is to identify which content need to be archived or updated. Checking the "Revisions" tab of a page helps identify the latest update date).

The Deadline for the tasks assigned is the : 12th September 2012

 Volunteer Website Menu/Block
Observation (mention the status)

Norbert GLAKPE (Togo)


1. the certification forum is no more alive. the last posts are dated 09/06/2008

Tomslin Samme-Nlar (Kenya)

FOSS in Africa/Free your IT Business in Africa

Most of the data on this page is up to date. There is nothing to archive nor remove.

[Balthas:] It looks to me as if the 60+ new trainers of the 2 Westafrican Training-of-Trainers would need to be added here to the directory by country and linked to their profile / or add themselvess (do they have sufficient rights to do so?].

Suleiman H. Suleiman (Zanzibar)

Linux Admin Certification

Baby Chuma (Tanzania)

Coding FOSS in Africa

1. Mentored Internship= update (report about the project was posted to fossfa facebook page)

2. Juba. The world’s first Open Source City? Event on Thursday 21. June has updated info on the blog link provided within the information provided

3. ″Appreciation and acknowledgement and impact from relevant knowledge is what tempts people to share their knowledge.″ (remove)

4. Newsletter of March - Bulletin de Mars : Special Idlelo (archive)

5. German Government funds German-African research partnerships to build ICT study courses in Africa (remove)

6. The 5th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons to be hosted by Open Source Foundation for Nigeria in Abuja (archive)

7. ict@innovation newsletters (archive)

8. Ict@innovation participant or partner? Join the Group "Alumni of ict@innovation" on the Alumni Portal Germany! (archive)

9. Idlelo5 Participation for ict@innovation Trainers ( remove)

10. Tampere University in Finland runs an Open Source Community Game - starting today!!! (remove)

11. Tanzanian trainee programmers get inspiration at the Mentored Internship Programme (archive)

12. Open Motion Conference "putting open source into motion" (remove)

13. Preparing for Software Freedom Day 17 Sep 2011 (remove)

14. openSE updates: new look, badges, community game, live support, ASF mentoring programme & more (archive)

15. Chisimba spreading the wings through the Mentored Internship Project (remove)

16. Mentored Internship Project (remove)

17. Africa and Europe join forces in Training on Free Technology (archive)

18. Free and Open Source Software Development Mentor's Training at the University of the Western Cape (remove)

19. Mentors/Coaching Workshop (archive -report)

20. Job Vacancy - Network Manager for the ict@innovation / AVOIR Mentored Internship Programme (MIP) (remove)

21. Idlelo 4 conference in Accra, Ghana (archive-report)

22. Country Feature - South Africa (archive)

23. ict@innovation @ IDLELO (remove)

24. Workshop at UWC kick-starts new Mentored Internship Programme (remove)

25. CENFOSS: First Bank in Mozambique migrated to FOSS! (archive)

26. Lesotho FLOSS Workshop (remove)

27. Virtual Steering Committe Meeting (2) (remove)

28. openeverything Berlin (remove)

29. IST-Africa 2009 Conference (remove)

30. skunkworks@innovation - Local Kenyan Software (remove)

31. Mobile Active 08 (remove)

32. Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference (remove)

33. The 6th International ICT Open Access Conference Fair (remove)

Kayode Yussuf (Nigeria)

Networking and International Exchange

1. hyperlinked Information of Idlelo 1 and Idlelo 2 should be included in this page.

2. the below text should also be better formated.

'See also ict@innovation's activities around the

Software Freedom Day and

the ict@innovation Study Tour to Berlin.'


'See also ict@innovation's activities around the Software Freedom Day and the ict@innovation Study Tour to Berlin.'

Updates to be made

1. updates about Senegal TOT should be made
2. Something to be mentioned about our partners, FOSSFA supportive governments, governments that have asked FOSSFA for assistance or advice.

It could be links to pages that mention our relationship with our international partners

Etsegenet Fisseha (South Africa)

ict@innovation / About


ict@innovation /

Activities This  must be updated after Senegal ToT This page must be updated after Senegal ToT this page is up to date (we can still update it after Senegal ToT


ict@innovation /


- updated section on "web communities" to get more clarity on all the different communities that have emerged (done 25.9.2012)

- updated section on "programme action" to provide direct links to infos on upcoming courses and on the communities as top news (done 25.9.2012


"L'aventure fait peur; mais la routine tue" dit-on. Je voudrais faire l'aventure comme volontaire dans le rôle 2 ( gestion de liste de diffusion et de site web).
Yes, we can!

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